Changing the world one mind at a time



In 2015, we launched iNTERFACE, the pioneering virtual world utilizing a neural implant.

It is now being enjoyed by hundreds of thousands and the numbers are growing every day. It has seen billions of dollars transacted among users, advertisers and providers.

In 2016, we expanded the capabilities of the EG Smart Cell with our patented NEUROHAPS technology allowing the implant to act as a built-in smart device. This new technology is revolutionizing the entire world of computing by eliminating the need for external hardware.

We are now developing a new platform for user-created virtual experiences, powered by our new artificial Intelligence called EVE. This new platform will democratize the iNTERFACE as a creative medium and make it easy for people to create, share, and profit from their own social virtual experiences.

EG Technology was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Los Angeles with additional offices in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Davis, and Atlanta.



Isaac Ellison

Isaac Ellison was born May 6, 1974 in Pittsburgh, PA. he became one of the youngest members of Mensa at the tender age of 12 with an IQ of 165. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in robotics helping to develop the haptic interface now used by the US military to pilot the next generation of drones. Isaac moved into computer sciences where he designed the “Elypsis Quantitative Analytic program” that revolutionized trading on Wall Street. In 1999 he met and married Marissa Gibson and formed EG technologies. Together they have been on the cutting edge of quantum computing. In 2015 they launched “Interface.” 2017 will mark the launch of EVE the worlds first “Oracle Machine,” promised to be the most powerful artificial intelligence ever created.


Marissa Gibson

Marissa Sophia Gibson born June 28, 1977 is a South African-born Canadian-American business magnate, engineer and game developer. She is the founder of “Dynamic Arts” the mega gaming company behind the largest selling RPG of all time “World of Crowns.” She is co-founder, CEO and product architect of IMERZION the pioneering virtual reality giant. After marrying Isaac Ellison this power couple teamed up to create the revolutionary EG Smart Cell implant and later the “Interface MMORPG.” Marissa’s next big project is her baby girl Eve the namesake of EG’s new Oracle Machine.


Dr. Arthur Bradbury
Senior VP of Neural Technology

Arthur Bradury born 1954 in Grand Rapids Michigan, is a pioneer in neuroscience. His research in neurology at Johns Hopkins University lead to some of the greatest breakthroughs in the treatment of Alzheimers and Parkinson disease. His work with the U.S. Military and CIA has helped to rehabilitate and assimilate veterans suffering PTSD back into society. Arthur joined EG technologies in 1999 to aid in the development of the EG Smart Cell. Arthur resides Pacific Palisades CA with Winifred, his wife of 30 years and their three cats Quint, Brody and Hooper.